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Buyout FAQ’s


We invest across all sectors but have a particular focus on financial services, consumer, business services, healthcare,
and media & technology.



In our experience we can only help businesses achieve greater scale and profitability by having a majority or controlling stake, and we have developed exceptional skills in this approach.



Typically no, we prefer to invest in smaller but established investments with an enterprise value up to £50 million.
We do however make exceptions where the start-up is considered innovative and has a previously successful
and experienced management team.



We look to invest in well-managed businesses that have the potential to grow through expansion,
operational improvement, refocusing of strategies, or add-on acquisitions.

Structured exits and asset management acquisitions FAQ's


We look to acquire asset management companies across all sectors within the alternative investment spectrum but have
a particular focus on real estate and closed ended private equity funds with exposure in the business services, consumer,
financial services, healthcare and media & technology sectors.



We have witnessed two major factors contributing to fund managers’ decisions to seek an exit from their positions.


Firstly, managers who retain responsibility of fund management and on-going or often escalating infrastructure costs with limited or declining AUM (assets under management). This results in them breaking even or operating for minimal profit or worst of all, losing money month on month. Often the management responsibility outweighs the benefits to both the manager and the
fund investors.


Secondly, where activist investors have demanded a change in management due to legacy or performance issues.



In the first instance, we are often able to engineer a structured annuity earn-out that improves the financial prospects for managers while simultaneously unburdening them of management responsibility. In takeovers of fund management mandates our involvement often facilitates a non litigious solution to fractious situations.



Due to economies of scale and expertise in management we are often able to improve prospects of funds thereby improving
returns to investors.



The benefits to EquityBridge are new opportunities to extend our clients based on improved performance while simultaneously growing our managed asset base.